Anyplan® Charting

Histogram Alt -s -curve1
The Resource Histogram is a predefined chart displaying three data series; planned, actual and forecast quantities. Planned quantities are the planned hours of the project. Forecast or remaining quantities are the estimated remaining hours needed in order to complete the project.
The S-curve is a predefined chart displaying the earned value (EV) curves for the project. By default the curves and values are calculated based on percentages (of the total) instead of cost values. Users can easily decide to show curves based on cost (and vice versa).

The following curves can be displayed:

  • Budget curve: Planned % or Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled.
  • Earned Value: curve EV % or Budgeted Cost of Work Performed.
  • Actual curve: Forecast % or Actual Cost of Work Performed. This consists of two elements: actual cost and (any) remaining/ forecasted cost.

Anyplan® Resource Manager

The Resource Manager is used to create and maintain hierarchies of resource groups and resources. These can be defined with common attributes such as contact information, usable capacity, calendars and default costs based on variable or fixed rates. Resource from an ERP system can be imported through the Anyplan “Talk-to-Me” Integration Service so that the resources do not need to be entered and managed manually or in two places.

Res -usage


Resource Usage and History
Resources are applied to planning activities using drag and drop from a list or via imported ERP information. They will then apply their default settings to the activity duration and can be adjusted as required. Anyplan can be used to track planned and actual resource quantities and costs and provides a history of resources that have been used by an activity over time.


Resource Profiles
Anyplan supports Resource Profiles or distributions that can be used to model non-linear resource consumption. For example, they can be used to incur costs immediately after the activity starts or used to model a resource to only work at the beginning and at the end of the activity.

Resource Capacities
Resource Capacities can be calculated and tracked through departmental and individual resources and availability calendars. Capacity can be charted on the resource histogram so that the plan can be quickly adjusted within the available limits.

Res Profile Res Capacity

Anyplan® Calendars
Calendars affect everything but most planning systems do not do a good job at modelling Calendar dependencies. Not so with Anyplan.

CalendarAnyplan® Calendar Manager

Calendars created in the Calendar Manager drive scheduling for most plans created in Anyplan. Any number of independent or linked calendars can be established. Linked calendars can inherit "events" (e.g. holidays) from parent calendar(s) and these events, combined with any local events form the foundation for calculating available time.



Anyplan® Print Module

The Gantt view, S-curve and Histogram of a plan can be printed with a range of options such as a date range. Date range filtering can be used to remove old items from the printed report of a large project, hide activities already completed or activities that are not yet started. Margins, scaling, orientation, auto page breaking, paper size and print selection can be set. Headers and footers can be applied and images, text and custom fields can be added and formatted. These can be customized as organizational defaults.


Anyplan® Import/Export Module

Anyplan can import plans from Microsoft Project in the form of MPP and XML files. Projects can be exported in the form of Microsoft Project compatible XML files. Full activity data structures can be copied to Microsoft Excel and pasted back from Microsoft Excel.


Anyplan® Reporting

The Anyplan Reporting module is a Supply Chain module that simplifies planning and reporting. It provides a web-based interface to the Anyplan planning system.
Features provided by Anyplan Reporting are:

Web -reporting6

Automating progress reporting
Anybody with reporting responsibilities can use the web or Microsoft Exchange interfaces to report progress. No searching or complex logon procedures – the user is automatically sent to e.g. a web page with all activities across all projects.

Plan and report progress  on sub-contracted activities
Sub-contractors can log on to Anyplan via a web interface to plan work, report on progress and/or why things are not going according to plan.

Automating Plan ReportL

Component deliveries
Suppliers can use the Anyplan web interface to confirm deliveries of (critical) components, or to send information on why deliveries cannot be met.

Alarm server
The alarm server keeps track of all planned actions and will prompt users to report or send e-mails to managers, both internally and externally, to ensure that reporting deadlines are met.

Component Alarm

Anyplan® Integration Services
Anyplan provides an integration framework that that can be administered using the Microsoft Management Console. It provides integrations services to partner systems such as Microsoft (Exchange server and Dynamics), IBM (Maximo), IFS ERP suite, and SAP.
For more details please see the section on Integration.


An example of the Talk-to-Me server in action is where it is used for synchronizing activity, task, event or work order information to Outlook and Google calendars:


Anyplan® Calendar Synchronization
The Anyplan CalSync module provides synchronization of plans and their activities into popular calendars such as those from Microsoft and Google.

MS Exchange Synchronization
Anyplan can synchronize activities to Microsoft Exchange. The activities (as calendar events) can then appear in any Microsoft Exchange connected device such as Microsoft Outlook, Office Outlook Web Access, and a wide variety of mobile devices.


Actsi Phone

Anyplan® Outlook Add-in
An Outlook Add-In provides custom Outlook User Interfaces for viewing activities and reporting on progress.

Google Calendar Synchronization
Anyplan can synchronize activities to Google Calendar.

Smartphone Support
Calendar integration can also be used to provide smartphone support for activities and progress updates.


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