May 30, 2022

Cognite has enormous success with its Data Fusion Technology ( , freeing up large amounts of data for use in advanced business applications like Anyplan3D. Cognite has had almost an exponential growth and now reached USD 1,3 billion in market cap.

The team behind AnyPlan3D ( is now launching a new product that transforms Cognite’s data into critical and valuable business parameters for better decision making. Giving Cognite’s customers (AkerBP, Equinor and Aramco) completely new opportunities to utilise their digital investments with a focus on sustained and enhanced profitability.

The idea behind Cognite is to become the industry’s answer to Google. AnyPlan3D’s unique concept is to be the industry’s Microsoft Office365 with a complete set of Apps for production management, logistics, projects, maintenance and operational plans, all in real time, visually and interactively.

“Roger Berntsen CEO of AnyPlan3D. believes that Cognite has created an advanced platform for data integration that can be compared to a mobile phone that collects audio, image, video and text, but it lacks the apps that you use on a daily basis on your mobile. We now offer Cognite’s customers “apps” based on industry standards for project management, maintenance, manufacturing and the process industry. A mobile phone full of data and without Apps has little use in our digital world, says Berntsen and concludes that they are excited about whether Cognite’s clients such as e.g., AkerBP take the next step with AnyPlan3D in the digitization process.”

There is great synergy between AnyPlan3D and data fusion solutions as Cognite. Anyplan3D has the same market potential as Cognite in that all the apps in AnyPlan3D can be used against other data sources derived from SAP, Cognite, etc., individually or in parallel, in oil and gas, transport, industry and public enterprises.

The new production application has been developed by our team in Canada led by Carl Spears, VP Customer Solutions. AnyPlan3D is the first application in oil and gas that offers full optimization resulting in the potential for increased production volume and reduced costs.

Anyplan3D AS is a fully developed product based on Microsoft Azure cloud technology and with close attention to DevSecOps means that it can be efficiently and safely adapted to customers’ needs by the company’s recommended partners.

AnyPlan3D is now launched in the world market to customers by the company’s recommended partners NTT Data, Accenture, Schlumberger, PWC, Wipro, Kongsberg Digital, Oracle, IBM and SAP.