Cognite has continuous great success with its Data Fusion Technology ( , freeing up large amounts of data for use in advanced business applications like Anyplan3D.

The team behind AnyPlan3D (  is now launching a new solution that further opens the world to Cognite users. By using contextualized Cognite data from the production streams, AnyPlan3D transforms and fuses this into a dynamic business model, enabling user users to optimize production by reducing deferments and identify opportunities for enhanced, profitable production.

By fusing Cognite data with AnyPlan3D it will become part of worlds first complete Production Performance Management solution within the upstream Oil and Gas industry which adds material value to all Cognite clients.

The new production application has been developed by an international AnyPlan3D team led by Carl Spears in Canada, VP Customer Solutions. AnyPlan3D is the first application in oil and gas that truly offers full optimization capabilities.

The AnyPlan3D Open World solution converts data from Cognite into dynamic objects in a network of dependencies related to a time axis. The network is visualized through a digital twin of the business. Planning and optimization are based on Anyplan3D planning Robot, Machine Learning and AI technology.

The new solution requires that clients release their Cognite data at AnyPlan3D’s Doorstep.