Madrid, Spain/Kristiansand, Norway January 2023

Investments in digital transformation create oceans of data. Unless put into use this has little to no effect on a company’s bottom line. And most data are either static or historical from the moment they are produced.

NTT Data and AnyPlan3D are now teaming up to offer the Oil & Gas industry a comprehensive solution for improved performance. AnyPlan3D takes advantage of transforming data into valuable dynamic business information for the management to plan, schedule and optimize the production process.

NTT Data is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and holds a strong position in the energy industry with more than 5000 IT experts assisting clients in their digital transformation process.  Javier de Diego – Head of Oil & Gas at NTT Data, states that: “The key success factor is the organisations’ ability to identify relevant data and transform it to valuable business information for decision making and hence optimisation of the business processes. AnyPlan3D has the technology and NTT Data has all the services and industry domain expertise to deliver a successful implementation, which is unique in the oil and gas IT market.”