As a Manager of the Future You Know

…that without adequate training, your digital investments may not pay off. Managing a digital company is challenging, and to answer that AnyPlan3D offers the first fully virtual Digital Academy. AnyPlan3D  makes sure that companies gain the maximum from their digital assets, enhance their processes, and maximize efficiency. Read more

AnyPlan3D Digital Academy

The Digital Academy is a virtual and visual learning platform. AnyPlan3D offers companies to rapidly develop, distribute and manage learning programs built on your own business process, integrated IT systems and relevant information. Read more

A Digital Academy for Everyone

The Digital Academy is a flexible learning platform that can facilitate comprehensive educational programs. These can also have the form of five minutes exercises for operators practicing procedures in visual asset models.

Go Digital!
Your Enterprise

Rapid implementation

The Digital Academy builds on leading technology from NTT Data and TTS which facilitates the configuration of learning programs and virtual interaction with company IT Systems and data. AnyPlan3D transforms company data into business information in a virtual model of the assets.