Modern aircraft are manufactured based on on of the most complex technologies on this planet and they are expensive, safe and almost completely digitized. AnyPlan3D was originally developed to plan and support the new generation of aircraft. Using AnyPlan3D the aircraft will be Ready@Gate, on Time!

Aircraft centric planning

AnyPlan3D moves the aircraft at the center and then interlinks all special project activities, maintenance tasks, planned hangar visits, in or out of traffic, material supplies and resources in a single activity network. This ensures that users have full control of forecasts and corrective events. The network, named “Smartnet”, can be integrated with neighbouring systems such as ACARS, traffic plan, ERP, MRO, BI, and DW.

Maintenance generator

The AnyPlan3D maintenance generator is a special module that allows operators to simulate upcoming maintenance work up to 25-30 years using custom aircraft utilizations.

Line maintenance

The overnight maintenance work is very important to keep aircraft flying. AnyPlan3D can look for upcoming maintenance and suggest work for the next “hangar stops”. The planner’s workload is drastically reduced as the main work changes to verifying upcoming maintenance schedules.

Hangar maintenance

Maintenance work that requires aircraft out of service can be planned by aircraft type and/or by hangar. Use the Anyplan3D Robot to look for upcoming maintenance work and to create the most efficient schedules.


Expensive aircraft components may require special planning. AnyPlan3D can help create plans for any type of (rotable) components, such as e.g. landing gear. Use scenarios to vary the number of spare landing gears and the turnaround time for overhauling landing gears in the workshops.

Maintenance program analysis

Aircraft maintenance programs can be changed based on how the aircraft are operated. AnyPlan3D can e.g. be used to analyze the effect of low flight hours in combination with high number of flight cycles (or the other way around) and help identifying aircraft that may need to follow a different maintenance program.

Corrective maintenance and technical orders

Easily identify aircraft with high degree of remaining corrective work/technical orders. Use the AnyPlan3D logic to suggest campaigns or programs to combat any remaining work across fleets of aircraft.

Phase in/out and special analysis

AnyPlan3D can help planning investments and phase in/out of aircraft. If there is a way to avoid heavy maintenance before returning an aircraft, then AnyPlan3D can help airline operators achieve this.

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