AnyPlan3D Fusion Service

The AnyPlan3D Fusion Service is a REST web service that communicates with the Network Service in the same manner as a client. It offers an open interface accessible by the widest variety of potential clients

The AnyPlan3D Fusion Service supports:

A Network Request is used to query entities in AnyPlan3D for its current state. For example, when an external system needs to be updated with data from AnyPlan3D®, or when data is to be exported to any system. A Report Request is used for custom data queries that include calculated values, summary and compound values deduced from the network hierarchy.

The integration service will support complex queries to retrieve data and complex reports from a single interface method. This reduces the impact in the Integration Service from any extension of AnyPlan3D.

Publication is a process where data from external systems may either import data to, or update existing data in, AnyPlan3D.

Synchronization Framework

The Synchronization Framework is a service that handles synchronization of data between any two services.

For example this might be between an IBM Maximo provider or a Microsoft Exchange provider and the AnyPlan3D Provider. The Synchronization Framework supports management, synchronization, logging, queuing, error notifications, business rules and data translation between two compatible services.

An extension provider is also available to support 3rd party extensions which can add additional detail to individual data items.


Data Fusion Example

A customer has a project where actual resource usage is reported in an ERP system. AnyPlan3D has resource usages registered against activities but the actual usage data is imported through the AnyPlan3D Data Fusion Service. Resource usages are retrieved from the network service by submitting a request to the fusion service as an appropriate filter and query to define the data.

The resource usages are iterated as a collection of actual usages on the resource usage object and this “complex” XML data type can be modified directly, or de-serialized into an appropriate data structure, modified and serialized back to XML.

MS Exchange and Google Providers

Providers interface to Microsoft Exchange Servers or a Google calendar Service. An Outlook Add-In provides custom Outlook UIs for viewing activities and (in the pipeline) reporting on progress.

Some solutions providers the AnyPlan3D has experienced:

ERP Providers
IBM Maximo – IFS -Microsoft Dynamics AX – SAP – Oracle

Datawarehouse – Data lake – IOT Providers

In development

SAP Data Warehouse – ABB – Siemens – GE – Cognite – Kongsberg Digital – Oracle (ADW)
– DELFI by Schlumberger – SAS

Planning, Scheduling and Optimization
Primavera – MS Project – Safran – Maximo Scheduler – SAP APO -SAP PS
– SAP S/4HANA – maintenance – IBM ILOG CPLEX – DELMIA Quintiq

Microsoft Office – Office360
Excel – MS Project – Outlook – Teams

Gmail – Calendar – Spreadsheet – Earth – Maps

Autodesk – Bentley – ArcGis – C-Map – Marine Traffic – Admirality
– BIM based solutions – CATIA

Systems Management

The Systems Management module is built on Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and monitors all synchronization tasks and performance and provides an admin user interface as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-in. The MMC Snap-in can be used to manage the services and the users through common Windows server administration tools.

For more detail on the technical aspects for AnyPlan3D please see the following sections

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