Integrated planning for logistics

When a major aluminium producer wanted to save money on collaboration and co-ordination tools for logistics management they chose AnyPlan3D. Working with a partner, we created a version of AnyPlan3D called PortPlan to create a highly visual, intuitive, real-time planning solution. Using PortPlan instead of hundreds of disconnected spreadsheets they expect to save 1.7M to 2.7M USD per annum. This is integrated planning in action

Process and capital-intensive industries AnyPlan3D is ideal for use in Process and Capital-intensive industries where processes and projects require a globally distributed network of suppliers delivering raw materials or part-finished fabrications over a long period of time. AnyPlan3D integrated planning provides the capabilities, integration and customization to be the ideal choice. Solutions are based on the common aspects of all planning and scheduling; the management of activities, resources and calendars on a visual timeline.

Route planning

AnyPlan3D can be used for route planning across a number of industries in road, rail, air or sea. A characteristic of this is that routes are either repeat cycles of the same set of destinations or one-off contracts. AnyPlan3D can provide the visual planning framework for route planning by integrating with special systems and partners in these different route planning areas.

Simple data integrity

Are your spreadsheets out of control? AnyPlan3D can combine the hundreds of spreadsheets used by planners into one integrated, multi-user planning solution. This provides better data integrity by removing copying errors, the accidental of date spreadsheets, and manual data entry. The integrated planning approach gives planners and managers the overview and cost control that is impossible without a joined-up system.

Instant repeatability, full overview

To make things really simple AnyPlan3D can take a template of a round-trip journey consisting of any number of intermediate destinations and string these together as a defined number of round-trips assigned to a designated transport asset. For example a planner can create a 6 month vessel and cargo plan in minutes replacing many tedious hours with a dozen spreadsheets. AnyPlan3D can display many such journeys on a single compact form of a Gantt chart we call a staggered Gantt. This provides a simple overview of many logistics plans without losing access to the detail.

Conflict resolution

Logistics planning often includes fixed shared resources. These create a significant constraint in the planning of any transportation. Examples might be quays at a port that can only accommodate one vessel at a time.

AnyPlan3D can provide an overview of the plan that highlights those areas of the plan that cause conflicts at these critical resources. The planner can quickly resolve these conflicts by adjusting the plan. Conflicts caused by colleagues using the shared resource are easily identified and resolved long before a real problem occurs.

Cost and resource management

Efficient logistics planning for transportation, cargos and resources are critical to cost efficiency. Integrated planning in a multi-user environment provides a single, consistent view of the operation. This allows logistics planning to focus on improving process efficiency instead of sorting through disparate sources of information and numerous email chains. Managers can focus on improving the bottom line instead of fighting fires.

AnyPlan3D Features for Logistics

Most of the features and modules described in the Products section are relevant to AnyPlan3D for Logistics.

Some special features include:

Supply Chain

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